Wednesday, May 16, 2012

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Double Feature

The Joanna Newsom edition

I adore Joanna Newsom. Seriously I do. The coordination required to flawlessly play the harp is its own award-worthy talent. Couple that with the ability to simultaneously sound like some sort of old appellation woman shouting jibberish on her front porch while pa whittles squirrel shaped wooden figurines and I'm sold. Sign me up.

I recently stumbled upon a live performance of Have one on me from the Austin City Limits series.  The title track from Joanna's ambitious triple album is by far my favorite offering on that 2010 release.  We own this on vinyl and just a side-note the packaging is stunning featuring these timeless stylized black and white photos of Joanna.

Here is the Austin City Limits performance.

As the title suggests, there is some free music if you feel so inclined to reward yourself with free music.  I stumbled upon a cover of Joanna's The Book of Right-On, done by Joel Cathey which is available for free download on his BandCamp Page.  Have one on me or rather on him.  You're welcome. ;)

If you haven't heard the original, here she is for reference.

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