Thursday, January 31, 2008

Tonight on the Radio

Tune in at 2am EST to hear me live on the nationally syndicated Joey
Reynold's show on WOR Radio, 710 HD broadcasting from New York City. This is my 2nd appearance on the show.
You can listen online, on 710 AM or 710 HD if you have a receiver.
Listen to the show!


Also...just a big Thank You to the following for recently featuring my music...

Feast of Fools (podcast)
Jaded City (podcast)
The Candy Show (podcast)
The Joey Reynold's Show(radio show)
Kate Kulas/Raindbow Connection(radio show)
Homopod Radio (podcast)

#2 on LOGO!

The music video for my song, Open Wide is #2 on LOGO's Clicklist. Yay!
Help push it to #1 by voting for the video on Logo's site.
voting is unlimited so click click click away.


Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Podcast Alert!
Canned Cheezeburger+ Little ol' Me

I have been a big fan of Feast of Fools for some time, so I am thrilled to announce that they feature my music on Today's Podcast along with the glamour that is the canned cheezeburger and Cloverfield which I have yet to see (sorry George).

So, Pop on over the Feast of Fools website and check them out.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

His Head on a Platter

I would not generally repost something from, but after reading/listening to this, I became angry. John Gibson, over at fox has very homophobically mocked Heath Ledger on his show.

I have just sent an email to fox letting them know that I think he should be fired and that the network should be ashamed of itself for allowing something like this to air.

Check it out here...and feel free to bombard Fox with your angry emails.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Yet another reason to adore Jerry O'connell

As previously mentioned, I developed a crush on Jerry O'connell from watching way too many episodes of sliders. I still love that show.

If you didn't see the Tom Cruise video that he is parodying, Check it out here.

#3 on Logo...Please Keep Voting

(photo taken during filming of unused scene in the open wide video- courtesy of Chic and Sassy)

Thank You Thank You and Thank you again for voting for Open Wide on Logo.
Your votes have brought the video to #3 on the countdown. Please continue to vote and help get the video to the #1 spot. I really want to drink champagne and I can't uncork that bottle without your tender lovin' help.

Vote Now!

Friday, January 18, 2008

In case you didn't know better

Thank You Macintosh for this very informative diagram included in the user's manual for a Power PC G3 mini tower. I had the pleasure of taking one apart today for scrap metal.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ho Ho Hooters (a Christmas backbLOG)

She swirled her purple pen across the napkin, signing her name with a heart and caressing it as she delicately placed it near the edge of our table.

"Hi, My name is Sasha, and I'll be your Hooters girl for the evening. Can I get you something to drink to start off?"

I never thought I would hear these words coming out of anyone's mouth let alone on Christmas day, let alone at Hooters. Yes, you read that right. Hooters.

I took off for Topeka Kansas with my father to catch a 4:30 showing of Sweeney Todd on Christmas day. We were on a tight schedule and our plans were thwarted after my father was pulled over by a police officer for speeding. The officer only gave him a warning seeing as it was christmas and all.

We got to the theater 15 minutes late and the next show wasn't until 7:25, so we had two hours to kill. We discovered that everything was closed for christmas including McDonald's which shocked me. I thought for sure that they pumped out artery clogging mystery meat 365 days a year.

Split between going to Denny's and Hooters, I chose the option that involved hot wings and booze.

I expected to see women writhing on greesy poles, oiled up like roasting pigs, bits of flesh and torn edges hanging as old men drooled and stuffed dollars into cleavage and crevices like a reverse ATM machine.

The reality was much more pedestrian. Hooters is a "family" restaurant or so it seemed on christmas day. It was no more scandalous than a Brooklyn dive bar. The food was good. The waitress was nice. Yes, she was wearing a santa hat. Yes she had a nice "rack" and a low cut neckline. I highly recommend the wings, so if you stop through Topeka, say hi to Sasha. Let her wet your napkin with her purple pen. Tip her well and tell her that Robert sent ya.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I've fallen but I can get up.

As previously posted, Open wide debuted 2 weeks ago on Logo's Click List at #5.
How thrilling is that?

Well, last Friday in my 2nd week on the countdown, I slipped and fell to #5.
Still not too shabby, eh? Top 5 is very respectable.

Well, I have never let something like a tiny slip hold me back or get me down.
No, I'm the kind of girl who will walk uphill with one high heel and a black eye, a missing tooth and a smile.

But...If you feel so inclined to fix my tooth, give me a new pair of pumps and a comfy seat at the top of the chart, then click your way over to Logo and vote like a mofo. Don't be shy honey. The voting is unlimited, so you can click until your hand cramps up. A little carpel tunnel syndrome won't kill you. It will make you stronger and maybe even give you time off from your job to recover and read that Dostoevsky novel you've always been meaning to tackle. Then you can say clever things and be the envy of all your friends. Yeah, you should definitely

vote for the video


After the Honeymoon. Canibalism

I have been very drawn to the ocean lately, though this is not a new thing.
I started to write a rather silly song, which is a sequel to fishnet sailor called "Taste Like Chicken." It's one of those songs that wrote itself in one day.
Sometimes it's the silly songs that help to keep my afloat. I've been mired in heavy writing lately and I just want something light and fun. Who's down for an album of sea shanties? haha

I recorded a demo in my apartment that sounds surprisingly good as demos go.

Here's a tiny snipet of lyrics.

"The ocean's carving shapes in the sand as it pushes the seashells ashore.
It's 60 days since we've both seen land, and I'm wondering
Would you taste like chicken if I had to eat you? We shared some good times before we sailed to sea. We shared some good times before we sailed to sea.

Don't get me wrong, cuz I love you dear
but I'd sell you down river for a sandwich and a beer.
Don't have the answers but the question is clear.
Would you taste like chicken if I had to eat you?"

Yes, I know. I shouldn't write songs between meals when my blood sugar is low. Poor K is wondering if he should sleep with one eye open after this little ditty popped out of my mouth. Don't worry baby, I won't eat you. Based on my bacon consumption, I'd probably taste like pork if someone had to eat me to survive.

Cocks gone wild! True Stories of barnyard manlove.

Photo by Carrie Thomas

Ok, so I made the title a little more sensationalistic than it had to be.
Last night I had a short chat with my mother who is fighting off a rather nasty sounding chest cold.

As previously posted, I visited the family farm in Kansas back in the fall and helped my father build a larger chicken coop. Recently my parents got a 2nd rooster.
Well, the juicy gossip folks (Yes, you heard it here first) is that rooster #1, aka Little Jerry is gay. Sorry Jerry for outing you. I know how hard it can be to live as a homosexual rooster in Kansas. Little Jerry has been seen "humping" the new rooster.

This news delighted me, as it gave me the chance to educate my mother on prevalance of homosexuality in animals. She was completely unaware.

btw, who knew that 1/4 or all black swans are moes?(as in ho-moes)

ah, black swan, I wonder where you are?
ah George, You save my soul.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A night without sleep

Photo by Carrie Thomas

Last night K cooked a chicken and we curled up to watch Notes on a Scandal. I had heard both negative and positive reviews of the film, so was not sure where my opinions would fall. The acting was amazing and overall, I enjoyed the film.

I could go into more detail, but my brain is fried this morning. The radiator has been making this buzzing noise that is like a Chinese torture devise. Well, not necessarily Chinese in quality, but torture all the same. There is a nob which is broken so I can't do anything to stop the incessant buzzing. If that wasn't enough to drive me mad, there was music blaring in the bathroom. I thought it was from an upstairs neighbor, but I know my upstairs neighbor and the hip hop flavor of the invading sounds didn't seem to suit his taste.

I wiggled and weaved my way through a half sleep,The buzzing of the radiator and the booming of the bass between me and the sweet release of rapid eye movement and the world of bizarre dreams I've been walking through lately.

at 4:20 am, I snapped.
"You've got to be fucking kidding me."

I put on a bathrobe and slipped on tennis shoes, heading out the apartment door, not sure even where I was going. I thought of calling my landlord. I thought of buzzing all the ground floor apartment buzzers until I found the offending party. I'm so not confrontational. I noticed that the door was ajar across from my apartment. It is not another apartment, but rather the super's "office" if you could call it that.

I walked across the dusty concrete floor to find a stereo blasting. I guess the super had left it on. I turned it off and then contemplated retaliatory avenues I could pursue. I thought of taking the stereo to my apartment and leaving a sticky note telling the super that his listening privileges have been suspended until he can show a baseline level of respect and responsibility.

I contemplated pulling the cords out from the wall and dragging the stereo into the street, throwing it to the traffic as a sacrifice to the gods of the sleepless and disgruntled. Instead, I shuffled back to bed, half awake and slightly fuming.

There is no amount of coffee to make this day right.

Monday, January 07, 2008

#4 on LOGO!

I'm pleased to announce that the music video for Open Wide debuted at #4 on Logo's Clicklist on Friday. Thank you so much to everyone who voted for the video.

I'd really love to see it go to #1, but I can't do it without your tender lovin' support.

Vote Now!

The Clicklist is on Logo nationally Fridays at Midnight (EST) and then re-aired throughout the week. You can check on Logo's website to see when it will play in your area.

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