Friday, July 27, 2007

HOSED...deception and destruction

When I was 14 years old, I stopped drinking sweetened carbonated beverages and switched to drinking only water and juice. I remember pulling into a convenience store with my family on a road trip and buying a bottle of water. At that time, the bottled water craze had not exploded into the plastic peddling monster that it is today.

My father made fun of me, saying that it was a rip off to buy bottled water.

"You know there's just some guy in the back with a hose filling up those bottles with water."

I rolled my eyes and unscrewed the cap to my bottle of Evian, which comes from a pristine French spring, thank you very much.

It is funny to read a headline years later about Coca-Cola selling tap water under the name Dasani and while Pepsi is selling tapwater under the name Aquafina.

An estimated 25% of bottled water is nothing more than tap water, sometimes filtered, sometimes not.

The environmental impact of the bottled water craze is a whole other can of worms. Once you get me started on this, I could keep going for days. I will share a few obvious points and direct you to an article for some more information, but I recommend you educate yourself and try to phase out your bottled water consumption as part of an environmentally concious lifestyle.

--Most bottled water is not recycled. It piles up in landfill
--Plastic production is dependent on oil, a non-renewable resource. Dependency on oil is not only disasterous to the environmet but is half the reason we are blowing up innocent women and children in Iraq.

Think of the children...the children.

hang on, maybe I have a picture
of a very sad feed the children style child I can use for this part.

Monday, July 23, 2007

phrase of the week

Photo by the luscious Carrie Thomas

Our phrase of the week here at the rant is...

"Stick a bow on it, and call it Sally."

Translation: It is done...finished...complete


I rollerbladed over to the recording studio and did the final mix for the single version of Unplug + a bonus extended (Reach Out Mix).
I think You're all gonna love it. It's a little different than the stuff on Sirens of Brooklyn.

After the studio, I rollerbladed over to Mister Carpentier's to play the single for him, then hopped back onto my blades and traversed the Brooklyn Bridge, making my way to Union Square. Then I hopped on a train to Queens.

I spent the evening in Astoria working with the other Rob working on the music video, which btw is so close to being done that I can almost hear the cork popping on the bottle of champagne.

I can't wait to relese both of these little babies into the world.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Stardust! and other forms of anticipation

Only on rare occasions will you find me amongst the masses,seated in the dark, staring up at a movie theater screen. I love movies, but I probably average about 4 movies per year when it comes to actual theater viewing. Oddly though I average about 30 visits to the concession stand to buy movie theater popcorn.

Rarely do I get excited about a film coming to the "big screen," however this is one of those rare occasions.

I am thrilled to announce that the film adaptation of one of my favorite books of all time, Stardust will be coming to theaters on August 10th. Stardust is an enchanting novel written by the immensly talented Neil Gaiman.

Fans of Tori Amos may recall a certain Neil being mentioned in her songs, this is the very man. Stardust was written in one of Tori's houses with the condition that Neil make her a tree in the book. Look for the talking tree.

Tori wrote in her song Horses

"will you find me if Neil makes me a tree?"

Obviously Neil is close friends with Amos. I even saw him hanging out around her tour bus when I was chatting with Tori after her Boston show on the Strange Little Girls tour. By the way, I've never seen so much seafood be carried back to anyone's dressing room. Tori has a serious shellfish fetish. God bless her.

Check out the trailer for Stardust and go out and buy the book. It is magical as are many of Gaiman's works. If you digest stardust and find yourself wanting more, I also highly recommend checking out Neverwhere.

One other exciting date to put on your little calendar is August 13th.
Why might you ask is this day so special? Well, my friends, it is the season premier of Weeds, a show that has me hooked. Season 2 ended with quite a cliff hanger and boy am I ever excited to see what happens when the smoke clears. cough cough.

A very random note: Mary Kate Olsen of the Olsen twins will be joining the cast this season. I'm very excited to see what part the little anoerexic alien will be playing. Has she done any acting since full house? She is going to have to bring her A game, because Mary-Louise Parker and Elizabeth Perkins are nothing short of briliant.

Last but not least, I am scheduled to become an uncle at the end of August. My sister got herself knocked up and is planning on pushing a bun out of her oven just in time for banana season.

Stay tuned for more exciting developments. There are lots of things brewing...enjoy these snacks but don't spoil your apetite.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

This morning I woke to the sound of something that could only be described as a fridge being thrown from a 7th story building into my living room. Apparently God is angry about something, because he/she was throwing lightning bolts very close to my apartment.

I dare not think of what I might have done to incite this anger as it might consume my thoughts to the point of madness, given my long history as a blasphemer and sinner.

Monday, July 16, 2007

George is my savior, I shall not want

On June 16th, My 29th birthday.
Tragedy struck my little musical world when
a cab driver peeled away with my guitar in the trunk of his car.

I went into a state of shock, something of a paralysis, really.
K and I spent days calling every lost and found, every cab company and anyone with any suggestions as to what we could do.

Unfortunately, my guitar, black swan has gone away, hopefully to a home where she will be loved and appreciated.

In an amazing turn of events, I have been given an extraordinary gift.
Hearing of my loss, a man by the name of George Lee bought me a new guitar.
I had a hard time accepting this gift at first, but after some convincing on George's part, I gave in. It amazes me how kind people can be, how giving.

I now have a beautiful new guitar very appropriately named George.
After a month of not being able to play I have been playing until my
fingers ache on a daily basis and it's the sweetest pain ever.

Thank You George. You have given me a second chance. I promise I will make beautiful music with your namesake.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Untitled jibberish(It's the bleach)

I am mopping my floor and eating potato chips,
listening to Patty Griffin, Flaming Red.

I am missing you.
I saw you at 3:30. It's 12:00.
In 3 hour is will be 12 and that is 12 too many.

How are you so full of beauty, full of energy, full of desire for me?
It amazes me.

I spent almost 2 hours in a guitar store today. It kind of felt like I was cheating on Black Swan, but then I met George and we started talking. We had a first date. We danced. We shared secrets. He is away on Sunday, but on Monday I am going to go visit him. Oh god, I gave him a name. Does that mean that he is the one?
I am about to dive head first into song.

I had to take a breath. It all became so frantic and I lost myself in the lack of sleep and the stress.
I lost sight of what I love. You believe in me. Thank you for that. It means the world to me.
I need to be brought to my knees from time to time, to understand how small I am.

I will feed you with the bit of food I have in my kitchen. I will give you my humble rags. They are what I have. I will give all that I can. I love you. Yes, I'm talking to you. Wake up. Unplug.

Friday, July 06, 2007

The Really Strong Hurricane...AKA Katrina

Sometimes the simplest things in life are the ones that bring us the most pleasure.
I enjoy a good fried shrimp Po' boy sandwich and there is a little place in Rehoboth Delaware that I always visit for their excellent Po' boys.

Marc, K and I all went to enjoy the pleasures of po' boy, but this time something on the menu struck me as really really really WRONG. There is an alcoholic drink called the hurricane and this restaurant decided to create a drink for their menu called the Katrina, a hurricane with more alcohol or as the menu promised something horrible like, will knock your socks off or drown your sorrows, something just wrong.

After the very excellent sandwhiches I decided to speak with the owner. I was very polite, telling her how much I enjoy her establishment and the delicious cuisine, but that I find a drink being called to Katrina to be really insensitive and inappropriate.

Her response was that I need to lighten up. I told her that in fact I don't need to lighten up and that she wouldn't name an entree the 9-11. People lost their lives in a horrible catastrophe and that the drink shouldn't be on her menu. She again told me that I need to lighten up and I decided to say goodbye or rather just walk out of her restaurant. (I did pay before doing so)

Call me crazy, but there are still people living in FEMA trailers, if you must have a tragic drink, I recommend something where the wounds have healed a bit, like the "Titanic-Iced latte" or the "Pearl harbor fried oysters."

Thursday, July 05, 2007

a shift in the tide

something has shifted and everything is changing.
I fell down the rain soaked stairs to my apartment last night whilst wearing rubber shoes. i have bruises and soreness throughout my body. I am covered in bug bites on my legs from watching the sun set on turtle bridge.

I have scrapes on my arms and legs from climbing a tree to comfort a rather upset cat. i am in-fact a boy.
I watched hours of animal planet with K, because we are lame little nerd boys. I now have a love for wombats and want one for a pet. The closest thing I have is this picture that K made me. This morning I got a message from my mother letting me know that my uncle Louie has died. The funeral is in North Dakota on Monday. He was such a great man with a sweet heart. I hope he his smiling wherever he is.

And now a word from our sponsor

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